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Mighty Ducks Fanfiction

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Welcome to Ducks Fiction!
A moderated Mighty Ducks [movies] fanfiction community dedicated to promoting better writing in the Ducks
fanbase. Anybody can join or post, just as long as these simple rules are followed. Have funnnnnnnn!

Just here to read some fics? Check out past CHALLENGES
Otherwise, proceed with reading the

General Rules
  • Make sure that your fic has decent grammar and spelling before you submit. Otherwise, IT WILL BE REJECTED!!!

  • No Mary Sues.

  • If your fic/post is rejected, it is because it either has a Mary Sue fic or is a fic that has no grammatical structure whatsoever (ie gross misspellings of words, no puntuation/capitalization/etc).

  • No flaming. Ever. If you flame, you will be banned, no questions asked. However, constructive criticism is accepted. There is a fine line between flaming and criticism.

  • No l33t speak whatsoever. (IE 'omg' 'u' etc)

  • Keep all posts related to Mighty Ducks fanfiction.

  • Fic challenges are allowed.


  • And most importantly of all, have fun!

    Fic Submission Guidelines
  • Place all fics underneath an LJ Cut. (Tutorial on LJ-cuts HERE)

  • Use the SUBMISSION FORM. Otherwise, it will be rejected (people need to know what they're getting into)

  • Proper grammar & spelling please

  • Write the title in the subject line of the entry (for archiving purposes)

  • When posting a chapter from a multi-chaptered story, provide links to the other chapters.

  • Finally, when posting a slash fic, please label it as such. There are people who don't like slash, remember that.

  • Label het fics too, because it's not fair to the slashers if the het-ficcers don't have to put up a warning

  • If your fic is rejected, we'll tell you why it was rejected so you can fix it and submit it again.

  • Fic Submission Form

    Note: You can just copy and paste that into your submission/entry...it's ready to go for your convenience

    spazzychick96 (Chelsea)
    splendiferous (Alyssa)

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    If you would like to become an affiliate or sister community, please contact Alyssa at wmdlyssa@gmail.com or comment in a mod's personal journal.

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