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The Butterfly - Ducks Ficathon 2005

Mighty Ducks Ficathon

“Change one thing… change everything” the tagline from The Butterfly Effect (no doubt most Fulton/Elden fans know of this story). Well, Carla and I were talking, and as usual, we meandered off track and came to The Butterfly Effect. Almost simultaneously we had the same idea. Chose aspect of a fic, and see how it changes the whole story.

The rules (link below) state that you can’t change a character’s sexual preference, but you can change anything else. Imagine the possibilities! Had Adam not kissed Maya in the original Queertet series, Taz and Maya wouldn’t have gotten detention and ended up meeting Adam and Charlie. So how much impact would that have on the story? That’s up to you.

But you’re not revisiting and remixing your own stories. No. You’ll be remixing someone else’s.

No, you can’t chose your person. Carla and I will randomly assign stories to authors.

Sound fun? It did to us at least. Read the rules and sign up

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