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Mighty Ducks Fanfiction

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X-posted [26 Apr 2006|02:24pm]

Just wanted to let y'all know that I got LJ to add Eden Hall to their schools list. I wasn't sure of the exact city, so I guessed Minneapolis...so yeah. Go add that to your list! It's fun!
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[23 Feb 2006|02:23pm]

Just a quick question:

What city is Eden Hall in?

I know it's a stupid question, and I'm sorry, but I don't think they ever mention it by name, do they?

I waas just curious, because in the user info, you have the option of adding the schools you go to, and I've added Hogwarts and want to add Eden Hall.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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[25 Dec 2005|03:34pm]

I've moved all my Might Ducks fanfics to my writing LJ, found here http://www.livejournal.com/users/newsstandrock/ just incase anyone was interested.


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The Butterfly - Ducks Ficathon 2005 [10 Jul 2005|07:46pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Mighty Ducks Ficathon

“Change one thing… change everything” the tagline from The Butterfly Effect (no doubt most Fulton/Elden fans know of this story). Well, Carla and I were talking, and as usual, we meandered off track and came to The Butterfly Effect. Almost simultaneously we had the same idea. Chose aspect of a fic, and see how it changes the whole story.

The rules (link below) state that you can’t change a character’s sexual preference, but you can change anything else. Imagine the possibilities! Had Adam not kissed Maya in the original Queertet series, Taz and Maya wouldn’t have gotten detention and ended up meeting Adam and Charlie. So how much impact would that have on the story? That’s up to you.

But you’re not revisiting and remixing your own stories. No. You’ll be remixing someone else’s.

No, you can’t chose your person. Carla and I will randomly assign stories to authors.

Sound fun? It did to us at least. Read the rules and sign up

x-posted to themightyducks, thestalkycop and ducks_fiction

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[02 Jul 2005|01:14am]

[ mood | creative ]

Title: Childhood Aggression
Author: Katie1 (aka PurePen on ff.net)
Rating: PG (just on the safe side)
Pairing: No pairings. Hee :P
Character(s): Portman
Short summary: Pre-Ducks. Pre-Portman playing hockey. Just... pre.

Portman is in the principal's office again after a day of fighting (big shocker there). His mother and principal discuss a way to help Portman with his "anger issues"

Listen here! I don't care who you are or what your Collapse )

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She Will Be Loved [19 Apr 2005|10:58pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Title: She Will Be Loved
Author: C-chan96/spazzychick96
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Charlie/Connie
Character(s): Charlie and Connie
Short summary: I know all of the things that make you who you are. I know that goodbye means nothing at all. Comes back and begs me to catch her every time she falls. Tap on my window, knock on my door. I want to make you feel beautiful. [One-Shot]

Look for the girl with the broken smile, ask her if she wants to stay awhile, and she will be loved...Collapse )

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In the Face of Fear: Prologue [14 Apr 2005|03:11pm]

Title: In the Face of Fear: Prologue
Author: Goblz
Rating: PG
Pairing: Connie/Guy
Character(s): All Ducks
Short summary: The Ducks go on a skiing trip, which takes a disastrous turn for five of them.

In the Face of FearCollapse )
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I feel so stupid but .... [05 Apr 2005|07:54pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

Argh! I feel totally embarrased for asking this question, as I have a feeling I should know but ...

What/who is 'Mary Sue'?

I know, I know, but I have to admit I can't remember or don't even know if I've heard of it. Can someone please explain, because I do have a Ducks FANFIC ... but I don't know what a 'Mary Sue' is ... HELP!

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[01 Apr 2005|04:53pm]

Hey everyone! It's Stef I play Peter Mark on the Eden Hall RPG.

Anyway . . . I was wondering if anyone's interested in helping me write a fic on the old, "forgotton" Ducks of Jesse, Tammy, Karp, and of course Peter.

I'm up for any ideas so give 'em to me!


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Fic: Coming Apart [24 Mar 2005|01:43pm]

Title: Coming Apart
Author: Goblz
Rating: PG
Pairing: None
Character(s): All Ducks from D3, except Charlie
Short summary: How did the others hear about Hans' death? How did they react? Written from Connie's POV.

Coming ApartCollapse )
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mod post [15 Mar 2005|07:18pm]

[ mood | lonely ]

Well, I'm glad that this community is growing.

To all the authors who've been posting-you're all great and I'm hoping to see more from you all in the future.

I've archived everything, as well as Quimby's challenge in its own special little category. Plus, I reorganized the userinfo a little bit...not important, I know, but I have some OCD tendencies.


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[10 Mar 2005|12:31am]

Title: Forever Changed
Author: Goblz
Rating: PG
Character(s): Charlie, Connie
Short summary: The Ducks wait for word in a hospital waiting room. Told from Charlie's and Connie's POVs.

Forever ChangedCollapse )
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Propinquity [09 Mar 2005|05:41pm]


All right. This one-shot? Is completely random. You see, I saw a few new pieces by darling Mary and was instantly (not to mention quite terrifyingly) hit with the urge to write some Bombay!father/Charlie!son angst. So here we are.

Title: "Propinquity"
Author: galfridian
Rating: G
Pairing: none
Character(s): Gordon Bombay
Summary: In which Gordon learns about facing fears, so that worse fears cannot take their place, and a bit about how proximity to a situation can distort your views.
1. propinquity - proximity; nearness; kinship; similarity in nature.
2. This piece is oh-so-very unbeta-ed. Sorry for any atrociousness in grammar or spelling, though I'm usually quite careful.

Look at it from another perspective, then. Look to another fear.Collapse )

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Fic Challenge! [09 Mar 2005|12:42pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey, it's Quimby! I'm here with a fic challenge/request (which, let me tell you, I was overjoyed to see was allowed in this community). Here's the deal...

This morning I was watching the first film, and cracking up as usual during the tying-of-Goldberg-to-the-goalpost scene, and I decided that I really liked the line where he says: "My mother would not approve of this - she'd like me to live to be bar mitzvah'd!" And thus I decided I'd really like to see someone write the fanfic of Goldberg's bar mitzvah. Because I'm sure he'd invite like...most of the Ducks, and it'd be interesting to see different people's takes on Goldberg's extended family and such, as well as the interaction between them and the Ducks.

I'd like to write this fic myself, but I know nothing about bar mitzvah's and the Jewish religion in general, which is why I'm presenting the idea to the community. I don't even know if anyone else here could do the fic justice, but I just thought it would be a cute idea. Give it a go, and let me know how it turns out!

Best of luck,

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The Problem with Scooter UPDATED! [07 Mar 2005|08:59pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Title: The Problem with Scooter
Allie and Emmy (posted under Rubix the Cube)
PG-13 (for language and implied situations)
Pairing: Julie/Scooter and Julie/Charlie
I hoped to get most of the D:3 ducks and Varsity in this
Short summary: Julie and Scooter. A perfect couple. But things are not always what they seem. One night after a game Scooter rapes Julie and her life falls to peices.

Story link is: here

Chapter link is: here

Read and comment please!


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[06 Mar 2005|10:36pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Title:Just one night
Author: mrsbanks99
Rating: Pg13
Pairing: Scooter/Riley, slash
Character(s): Scooter and Riley
Short summary: Two varsity players have just one night. Riley/Scooter slash. Reader beware.

I wrote this at Brandy's request. And because lets face it, varsity gets very little attentionCollapse )

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"There's Hope" [27 Feb 2005|08:52pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Two fics tonight, just because.

*waves to Chels*

Title: "There's Hope"
Author: galfridian
Rating: G
Pairing: none
Character(s): Gordon Bombay, Charlie Conway
Summary: Sometimes, it's too little, too late; sometimes, there's hope.
Note: Cross-posted to my fiction journal, vision__prose

'I disappointed you...' Charlie studied him careful - he sounded so dejected.Collapse )

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Green & Auburn [27 Feb 2005|08:27pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Hello, everyone! :D I want to support this community, but I don’t have any recently written fic, so I’ll just post a few things I wrote the end of 2004.


First up:


Title: “Green & Auburn”

Author: galfridian

Rating: G

Pairing: none

Characters: Gordon Bombay</st1:place></st1:city> and (technically) Charlie Conway

Summary: Pre-Mighty Ducks, a dream somewhat prophetic in nature

Note: Cross-posted to my fiction journal, vision__prose.


And when he looked up again, it was into the eyes of a boy – terrified, sad eyes, and a world of colour.Collapse )

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another mod post :) [26 Feb 2005|09:18pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Well, seeing as Chels has made the intro post, I'd just like to reiterate that we don't accept intolerance of the various 'ships of the fandom, be they het or straight. Just be nice, and we'll all be happy.

Also, as more fics are posted, I'm going to archive them in the memories by main character for easy access. Actually, I've already started to do that with Breaking Face Value to get a head start.

So...for lack of anything else to say...get posting!


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Breaking Face Value: Chapters 3 & 4 [26 Feb 2005|12:57am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

It seems that posting all four chapters together made the post too big, so it had to be seperated into two posts. :)

Title: Breaking Face Value
Author: spazzychick96 (C-chan96 on fanfiction.net)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Linda/Charlie
Character(s): Linda
Short summary: Sometimes the best thing you’ll ever find is hiding behind a stereotype.

Chapter 3Collapse )
Chapter 4Collapse )

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