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Fic Challenge!

Hey, it's Quimby! I'm here with a fic challenge/request (which, let me tell you, I was overjoyed to see was allowed in this community). Here's the deal...

This morning I was watching the first film, and cracking up as usual during the tying-of-Goldberg-to-the-goalpost scene, and I decided that I really liked the line where he says: "My mother would not approve of this - she'd like me to live to be bar mitzvah'd!" And thus I decided I'd really like to see someone write the fanfic of Goldberg's bar mitzvah. Because I'm sure he'd invite like...most of the Ducks, and it'd be interesting to see different people's takes on Goldberg's extended family and such, as well as the interaction between them and the Ducks.

I'd like to write this fic myself, but I know nothing about bar mitzvah's and the Jewish religion in general, which is why I'm presenting the idea to the community. I don't even know if anyone else here could do the fic justice, but I just thought it would be a cute idea. Give it a go, and let me know how it turns out!

Best of luck,
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