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Green & Auburn

Hello, everyone! :D I want to support this community, but I don’t have any recently written fic, so I’ll just post a few things I wrote the end of 2004.


First up:


Title: “Green & Auburn”

Author: galfridian

Rating: G

Pairing: none

Characters: Gordon Bombay</st1:place></st1:city> and (technically) Charlie Conway

Summary: Pre-Mighty Ducks, a dream somewhat prophetic in nature

Note: Cross-posted to my fiction journal, vision__prose.


Just days before the beginning of the Ducks and their Minnesota Miracle Man, he stumbled in from another blurry, drunken night and into a dream.

Everything was plain, nothing extraordinary or unusual, and in sepia, bland and grim. No one stood out – there were no familiar or friendly faces to look to.

The panic began to build inside him. What was wrong with this world? Why was everything and everyone so busy? Strung together…the same?

A bit of hesitation, then he began to run, pushing through the masses of faceless people, not sure where he was going.

Abruptly, there was a flash of light and vibrant colours – green and wavy red – and eagerly – desperately – he followed. He followed, but it slipped away. Each time he got close, it slipped away.

After a long, exhausting chase, he was closer than ever. He could see more clearly what was before him – green fabric and wavy auburn hair. Just a few more steps and – suddenly, he slid and nearly fell. A familiar cool began to work its way from his toes upward. A quick glance down confirmed his suspicion – ice. A frozen pond.

And when he looked up again, it was into the eyes of a boy – terrified, sad eyes, and a world of colour.

When he woke up, it was morning, cool and bright.

The memory of the dream haunted him that morning, but when the incessant business of his life set in, he forgot – and didn’t think of it again until weeks later when Charlie Conway was standing in front of him with stormy brown eyes holding a brand-new jersey.

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